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Me:      god damn’t I need to kick something
            i figured it out
           i'm horny!!!


Kris:    well, there you go  you need a friend with benefits


Me:      I have not been horny for a long time ... this sucks ass!!!
            jesus how was I ever a productive human being
            I can't even think straight
            I'm craving caffeine
            I’m moody as hell
            I am not sleeping well
           and i'm hyper aware of my poor vagina


Kris:    you're in a crappy situation


Me:      fuck
           oh well


Kris:    what about some of your bi friends


Me:      they are all in the friend zone and hello!!! bi does not = slut whore.  I will just have to suck it up like  everyone else


Kris:    no I mean why can't you ask them to help you find a fuck buddy?


Me:      because bi doesn’t = slut whore… and well I never really considered a fuck buddy I mean I don't know if i can do it
spanking someone is one thing,
raunchy play is one thing
sex is another
I deeply enjoy sex and I don't think I can have a fuck buddy
but ask me again in a month


Kris:    I'll ask you again in 4 minutes


Me:      hahahha
            so you do know me well


Kris:    yes


Kris:    so are you going to get a fuck buddy


Me:      you suck.

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