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but that doesn’t mean I might not bitch about it later

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Birthdate:Sep 5
Location:Oakland, California, United States of America

My name's Renie... whats yours?!

I am a poly, pagan, pansexual, kinky, big beautiful receptionist, certified massage therapist and burlesque dancer living in California's Bay Area. I moved out here from New Orleans about 6 years a ago and I love it!

My life is about seeking, finding, and soul touching
I let people in and this sometimes gets me hurt but more often I have been blessed to have strong bonds with amazing unique talented beautiful human beings. They are mothers, marksmen, artists, leather bears, activists, teachers, spiritualist, pot heads, libertines, hedonists, straight edges, lovers, poets, pagans, priests… these friends are family to me and have helped me along this ever changing path of life. They are my greatest treasures and my only true wealth.

My second goal in life is to experience: happiness, compassion, passion, touch, creativity, manifestation, sensation, personal growth, change, learning, experiencing, toeing the line, the conquering of fear, the weird, the mundane, the magickal, the sensual. This helps me accomplish my first goal.

My first goal in life is to touch other peoples lives in a positive way. For me it is fulfillment on a spiritual level and an attempt of lasting immortality in form of their memory and the stories they will tell about me... because I am as barren as the Sahara in the height of African summer.

My third goal in life is to write either a Great American Novel or some smut ridden, kink fest that will be banned in the bible belt and celebrated as genius in the Castro and some darker corners of New York. I might take the middle road to this by publishing my memoirs.
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