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Here is a post from one of my friends The Toad
I miss waking up at 1am Sunday morning to him swearing from the upstairs window
much luv man
much luv

Once again it is time for me to spread the word of Mithras. About this time every year I do my part to drop some knowledge about everyones favorite day, 12/25... the day Mithras was born.

Merry Mithramas,

I just wanted to take this moment to hope that everyone had a merry Mithramas.

December 25 was the birthday of an old Persian god adopted by the Romans named Mithras. He was this cool cat, worshiped by soldiers (in the Roman Legions) and a Sun god, Sunday was his holy day (natch). He was often depicted as a bull or man surrounded by a halo (being the sun) and his followers referred to him as 'The Light' 'The Word' and 'The Way'. After he died, he was buried in a cave, but don't worry, he was resurrected.

His followers (men only) worshiped him in caves, or rooms made to look like caves, called a mithraeum. Where they would partake of a ritual feast centered on bread and wine. Many mithraea have been found throughout the former Roman empire. Some were converted to crypts when Christian Temples were built above them.

[Wikipedia snip]

Mithraic ruins are also found in the port city of Ostia, and in Rome the capital, where as many as seven hundred mithraea may have existed (a dozen have been identified). Its importance at Rome may be judged from the abundance of monumental remains: more than 75 pieces of sculpture, 100 Mithraic inscriptions, and ruins of temples and shrines in all parts of the city and its suburbs. A well-preserved late 2nd century mithraeum, with its altar and built-in stone benches, originally built beneath a Roman house (as was a common practice), survives in the crypt over which has been built the Basilica of San Clemente, Rome.

[End Snip]

Mithraists worshipped Mithras as the mediator between Man and the supreme God of the upper and nether world.

Around the 3rd century, Mithras worship fell out of favor, but hey, new religions pop up all the time.

On a totally separate note, did you know that Bull and cave themes are found in Christian shrines dedicated to the archangel Michael, who, after the officialization of Christianity, became the patron Saint of soldiers?

[Wikipedia snip]

Bull and crypt are linked in the Christian saint Saturnin (frequently "Sernin" or "Saturninus") of Toulouse, France. The Mithraeum is retained as a crypt under his earliest church, evocatively named "Notre-Dame du Taur."
[End Snip]

To Paraphrase Mithras in Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'
"One day they are sacrificing a bull to you before a battle, the next they don't even remember your birthday."

Just something to think about.

If this caught your interest at all, you should take a look Here . It is the ruins of a mithraeum found in London (known to the Romans as Londinium)

-Sol Invictus
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I spent the morning in bed with mommy talking about everything I could think of. I love her soo much and I know that she will cry when I leave even though I am going to see her again before I go. She slipped me some cash to make up for the money I lost on the limo and I am going to stay with my brother for a while at his place in Shreveport... so excited about finally being able to sleep... as long as he sleeps with the door closed to block out his snoring.

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Yeah its Christmas... mother woke me up at 7:30 by repeatedly assaulting me with an empty aquafina water bottle because I kept her awake all night by coughing... I was shocked that she could hear it over my brothers snoring that left me sleepless and in tears all night. She pauses her onslaught to tell me that she is leaving for church in an hour. Wacks me once more for good measure gives my brother a kiss on the forehead, does an about face and leaves the room. I start to count the Jesus pictures hanging on the walls and realize that my brother has stopped snoring... I blink in surprise

at 4:30 I halt my one long blink, take a bath, eat some turkey, laugh when my mother whacks my brother for trying to serve me pork as a prank. Have two emotional break downs, take another bath, and settle down in a lumpy hard uncomfortable bed for another blink



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Twin brother arrives... let the harassment begin

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Mommy arrives. I’m so happy to see her!!!!! She has a new boyfriend or rather some one who wants her and she is not sure rather or not she wants him. She has left her job that and handed in a resignation to the school board and is going to go back to school herself and try to figure out her life. The only problem is that she neglected to tell her family and her boss that she was not going back... I’m sure they will notice on Wednesday when there is no teacher there. She says that she thinks she has gone crazy but she does not really care. I think it was the best move for her to make. She needs time to get her life together after Katrina... she never took the time she went straight to work well she got tricked into a job at a horrible school where just recently the entire place was on lock down because a student was shooting a semi automatic in the hallways... honestly middle schoolers these days.

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Dec 22
I awake slightly dizzy my back aching and greenish brown gunk expelling from my lungs. I stumble from the room down the hall and into the kitchen where I get the bahjesus scared out of me by a picture of Jesus... well the shroud of Turin in fact. Once I managed to re heat the pot of chicken soup that my Aunt made for me but ended up just staring at it... I might be sick I thought to myself... that thought directly followed by I wonder if I could sue for this too. The rest of the day was a blur until I dragged my sorry ass into the bathroom for a shower er bath... er hmmm maybe I should mention that the house is at least 100 years old. I love to look at history not live it... needless to say the shower/bath thing was very interesting and exhausting... as I lay on the floor in front of the space heater trying to recover I tried to count the Virgin Mary's that were in the 10 by seven space... I lost count at 24 and fell asleep... woke up with a horrible case of cotton mouth

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Dec 21

So there I was
at 11:30 central time
in the cold
in the dark
Waiting for the damn car that should have been there at 9:30
I would have been livid
If I could stop coughing long enough to be livid
Instead I just whimpered and shivered and became a mark for some limo driver that said he would take me the two hour ride for 150 instead of the 165 that the cabs cost. He called the 165 highway robbery... "I'm a man of God ... blah blah... Jesus blessed me blah blah... I’m a minister..." by this time I knew he was full of shit but I was not going to stay there for eleven more hours waiting for Galveston Limo to send another car when there office opened.... I’d much rather sue. So instead I put on the poor me lost girl in the dark just trying to go home and see her family and got the price down to 100 dollars still to much for my blood but my nose had only stopped running because my snot had turned to ice and I was desperate...
So there I was
at 12:30 central time
in this tiny little town car
waiting for pastor limo driver father of five kids, ex-husband of two wives, sibling of 15 brothers and sisters, diabetic, seemingly sleep deprived, constantly weaving in and out of traffic while taking on at least one of his three cell phones... to get back in the car after detouring over to the home of his heroine addicted first wife so he could giver her bus money. The rest of the ride was uneventful... aside from him taking about how nice he was and how good he was to his mother and how he is kind to others because it is returned... oh and me praying to the Goddess ferishly that he does not swerve off the road and into the gulf of Mexico I arrived safely if not sanely, 110 dollars poorer and warm enough to be livid, but too damn sleepy to do anything except collapse into the lumpy twin bed three yards from the door.


Dec. 13th, 2005 10:45 pm
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Sill searching for that perfect gift for my brother


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