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Me:: omgeeeee I just got the cutest message from Daddy:

“I'm going through my naughty list. OMG You need more punishment than there could possibly be time for tonight. Consider tonight to be part 1 of a ongoing punishment session. Remember to bring your toys including your blindfold.
Are you worried? Yes, you should be.

Pink: LOL

Me:: I am gonna get it tonight for sure...  I replied

“Why Daddy,
i have no idea what You are talking about... i'm the picture of perfection i suggest we review this "list" together in great detail. You are somewhat older than me…maybe You should bring Your glasses with You tonight.
~~~Your totally young lady”

Pink: you know that button that says "don't push"?

Me:: yeah

Pink: you're the type that not only pushes it, you slam your hand on it 15 times yelling "IS THIS THING ON??!!" - meanwhile, 15 nukes have launched and LA is a crater
Whatever beating you're going to get tonight - you deserve after the vision comment


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Me::      bad bad Renie

flirting with coworkers

I should be spanked


Pink:      don't tell me - tell Mister


Me::      haha you're right

that WILL get me a spanking!!!


Pink:      see, now aren't you glad I've never met him?

I would tattle...all. the. time.


Me:        omgeeeeeee can you?!


Pink:      *snort*

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Pink:      Comcast can bite me yet again


Me::      Bite you again?


Pink:      Yes hater bastards. They sent me a letter dated last Thurs saying they're turning off my cable tomorrow. I called in to pay the past due this morning and ended up yelling at the chick for being a moron.


Me::      Well good morning to the both of you :)


Pink:       Comcast can bite me.

Their call center sucks my ass.

Want a new service.

Pink:      there my rage in haiku


Me::      you should do your rage in haiku more often


Pink:      from now on, I'm creating haikus for my rage moments


Pink:      lol


Me::      lol


Me::      okay we synced


Pink:      totally


Pink:      it's creative at the very least.  What could be a better juxtaposition than super rage and a catchy little poem?


Me::      you should make a book named "Rage"

it could have cherry blossoms on the cover and a buddah


Me::      giving the finger


Pink:      hahaha awesome


Me::      PS popped me up…sexy devil and typed the following

“ i wish i was there

i want you like a man possessed”


Me::      that’s always nice to hear. I feel like slutty mc slut slut all over again. Too bad or good he is far away. Why does he get my panties wet?  Am I really that much of a push over for tall pale and scrawny.


Pink:      I don't like people that say stuff like that. I always ask them "please point on the dolly which part you are possessed over." and they get pissy


Me::      lol  I adore it. It makes me feel like Sophia Loren


Me::      or a snack wrap

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Me:      He’s divine

Pink:    No he’s not

Me:      You should see what he’s texting me

Me:      my hands will rove most passionately. And my face will bury itself in your bosoms in short order.

Me:      "short order"

Me:      how the freak can I resist that

Pink :   isn't bosom supposed to be singular?

Me:      Damn’t now he is human again

Pink :   sorry

Me:      you would see that grammatical error

Pink :   this is why I don't date


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