May. 14th, 2008 11:01 pm
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so um yeah major geek

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One of my fav things about taking Shiatsu is hearing the story of the day. Here is one of those powerful stories and its direct application to my life.

How is it good? How is it bad?

There was a boy who wanted a horse. He went to his father and said, "Father I want a horse… if I had one that would be very good."

Time went by and soon it was the boy's birthday. His father seeing how he had grown in responsibility bought him a horse. When the boy saw this he ran and thanked his father saying, "Father I have a horse now… thank you … this is very good!!"

The Father replied…yes but how is it bad?

Time went on and one day after riding his horse the boy forgot to lock the gate and the horse escaped. "Father," he said "My horse is gone… this is bad this is very bad!!!"

The Father replied… yes but how is it good?

Time went on and one day the horse wandered back home… but it brought with it another horse from the fields. When the boy saw this he was very happy indeed. He ran to his father and said excitedly. "Father, I now have two horses. This is very good!!!"

The Father replied… yes but how is it bad?

Time went on and one day while the boy was training his new horse it became frightened and threw him to the ground. The boy's leg was badly broken and he was in much pain. "Father," He said weakly after the doctor had reset the bones. "My horse… it has broken my leg. This is bad… this is very very bad."

The Father looked down at his son and said very gently… yes but how is it good?

Time went on. The country went to war. From the greatest city to the tiniest village men were pulled from their homes and given orders to fight. But when the soldiers came to the little house they did not take the son because of his broken leg. "Father", he said when they had gone. "They did not take me this is good. This is very very good."

The Father simply replied… yes this is good... but how is it bad?

I have a job :)

But I am in insanely close proximity to a candy dish full of my favorite treats. I ate so much I got sick

I am now sick of candy :)
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Have you ever wished for something

like if I had/killed __________ my life would be__________ and I could tell __________ to suck my big ________/ lick my__________ and go to ________ in a ________

well while browsing livejournal I found a cute little community based on some other online community where you grant someone else's wish with horrifying consequences... its called the corrupted wish game and is a breeding ground for slightly warped minds...
I would blog more about it but im to busy reading
and wondering whose wish I want to grant next
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I was a bad girl at lunch to day. Instead of having a perfectly good salad that I made myself of organic vegetables, greens, micro green and organic fruits and such I went out for a sandwich on processed sourdough bread with chicken that has also been processed and sauce that came from god knows where and probably genetically modified onions and tomatoes. I determined that I was only going to eat half ... but when I looked down the whole thing was gone.

“What a disgrace what a failure” the parent voice reprimanded

“What happened.. Oh no.. my addictions they overpowered me.. I will never be free” wept the inner victim

“Damn skippy I ate it... and it was fuckin good too bitches” the not so hidden hedonist added without prompting

“We can overcome this... gurll power!!!” the optimistic co-president of the pussy power brigade shouted waving a small banner and alternating between pink and purple neon pom poms.

This incited the others to sudden violence
They attacked her... it was quite a ganking
“We must suffer for our actions” The ex-catholic parent raged

“Aye me what a whore you are false hope” the inner victim cried while raining blows... which missed because of the tears

“Your fucking annoying”stated the hedonist (coincidentally the other co-president of the pussy power brigade... she's been looking to stage a coupe for some time now)

After the beating they were all quite worn out... not to mention thirsty
“Lets get some starbucks to celebrate my new reign” the new acting president said
and to starbucks we went
quite against my will I assure you
What's wrong with starbuck's one might ask?
Well aside from promoting slave like conditions in other countries,
not providing their US workers with a living wage,
killing the coffee house scene for all of us “transcendental- tortured artistic souls” ,
creating a way for the sheep of society to feel good about themselves by convincing them their coffee is culture, class, character in a cup and mass producing a highly addictive substance... they are completely and utterly over priced... and I do agree with Foamy the Squirrel on this one bit of wisdom.

http://www.illwillpress.com/vault.html (Small, medium, large)

So there I was in line with a nervous tick in my left eye.
“What can I get for you today” the forced peppy metro-sexual barista asked trying to avoid looking into my left eye.
“Venti java chip frappucino with one squirt mint hold the whip cream extra drizzle” I stammered as the acting president whipped her hands on her leather pants with a satisfied smirk after finally taking down the bisexual freedom fighter who was totally caught off guard because she was taking a nap.
Ten minutes later I was back at my desk, sipping my frap, shivering in ecstasy and brain freeze when the dethroned co-president made a startling and triumphant return assisted by her little cohort common sense.

“Just because you did one thing wrong doesn't mean the whole day was a waste, don't you see your on the edge woman step back from the edge!!!!”

The parental voice chimed in with demeaning approval “that coffee is like dessert and no dessert without eating your vegetables first”

“And starbucks sucks dude where are your principles, where is your pride” sputtered the battered bisexual freedom fighter limping to center stage

The inner victim was no help at all she just cowered in the corner

What happened next looked pretty odd I am sure.
I took the lid off of the cup and tilted it over the trash can ready to pour it out
but found myself taking a gulp
I tried again
damn same results
okay third time the charm
and it was
and down it went
into the trash can and with it went the not so hidden hedonist like golum after the ring of power...
But she'll be back she is co-president after all.




I fell

Apr. 20th, 2006 11:09 am
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Soooooooooo I fell off the cart again.
It hurts.
Trying to be optimistic
but that would just make me what to shoot myself more


Feb. 20th, 2006 04:43 pm
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I am writting this now because I am just sitting at the computer

for what

for WOW

world sever crashed

the pain is unbearable



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Okay so like its Valentines Day, Kris is having her period, moodswings, and shes missed two days of prozac... not at all favorable conditions for skating, forecast says the ice is pretty thin.
So in order to get her out of the horrible no-one-loves-me-cycle that if left unchecked could sprial into a everyone hates me... which is must worse.
Trust me
We decide to have a gamer girls night. Which is not much diffrent from a gamer guy night. But being a gamer girl is snarky if not down right sexy. I mean what guy would not like a girl that he could go slay a level 50 plus elite dragon with? Or who would understand the intricaies of proper key congfigurations, the subtle art of macro setups or stand besides him in the huge mecca Fry and lust after a sweeeeeeeet graphics card. I mean actually gettin sexual stimulation from imagining what your new game would look like and how lag would be a thing of the past.
Lag... curses to the evil Lag Demons (raising and shaking fist in fury)
So the first thing we do is order pizza... from Little Ceasars. That in itself was an experince. The website says you can order a bbq chicken pizza so when he told me I could not I just assumed he misheard me..but after the third time I finally understood and ordereda 4 topper large so Terick could have some. Kris went to order hers and was told "we only sell larges" Kris so brillant. She onl had to be told once... sometimes I envy her for that extra comprehension skill point.
Pizzas in tow we head to my place stuff some pizza down real quick while we log on and setup, grab our diet cokes and relaz into a lovely night of World of Warcraft.
Getting owned by Horde 20 levels higher than us, writing down their names for future refrences so we dont forget our grudges.
and then it happens
this level 16 runs by as asks if we need help
which we do not I mean I am 20 and Kris is 22
Then the level 16 says my frickin name "Irene is that you?"
I know then that it is Leslie
WTF mate
level 16 already
she just got the game a few days ago
true it is not hard to get to lvl 16
if you dont have anything else to do
sooooo I whisper to her just so she can hear it "um dont say my real name... bad gaming form. Its like a secret id.Next time just whisper to me personal information"

(it was Safyre which gave it away.. my coven name is Saifyre and my on-line mage is black)
and do you think she says sorry, or okay.

she pretends it did not happen

so I pretend she is not there

and run off

meanwhile in Kristens head we hear the following:

"WTF... oh but hell no... she is not going to pass me at this. I'll never hear the end of it... I hope she does not figure out that its me fighting with Irene... maybe ill just hid behind this tree... look like I am not with her.... damn she is typing to me.... dont freak out.. just ignore her... maybe she drop off the face of the planet...how the hell did she find us!"

I mean WOW

Leslie finding us does not really upset me. I mean she'll play so much that she will be a much higher level than me in no time and I won't have to worry about draft dodging

its Kris im worried about

She's ready to dedicate time and energy into staying ahead of Leslie.

I just don't want to be the one to explain to her mother how I found her in the middle of the living room partial eaten by her cats because she wasted away from playing too much...

that would suck.

either way... ill never catch up


Oct. 5th, 2005 09:18 pm
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I went to my first OA meeting... it was weird I felt hopeful that was Sunday night but by tonight I am falling to peices again... breaking apart and weak... I feel crazy like me life is spiraling out of control and I am floating in this ocean this dark uneasy sea trying to be calm... trying not to scream

trying not to be afraid
but I am


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