May. 3rd, 2010

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I know I was cryptic when I called you
" I need to see you now there is something I have to tell you.  We're fine.  Plans have changed and I won't stay long"

All you said was "Okay"  not even in a condescending way or a questioning way.  As if you took what I said at face value.
You were frowning slightly when you opened the door before but then you looked at me and when you see me you get this look of pleasure on your face that made everything I had just gone through completely worth it.  I grip your forearm and look you in the eyes and I am surprised at how calm my voice is and how steady I feel.  Maybe it is because you gripped my arm as well.

~I called you.  I normally text but I called you.  Is that okay? I ask
Yeah... I just don't think I do well over the phone
~Yeah you do kinda suck at it.  I almost had to remind myself that you actually like me
I'm good on phone interview though.
~I believe you.
How are you?
~Good... no actually I'm kinda feeling awful
What happened?
~Things ended with Daddy.  He's jealous.  I stood up for myself, for my relationship with you and he couldn't deal.  He ended it to hurt me...again. So I called his bluff and ended it for real.
How are you?
~Pissed off but other than that I'm well.... your hair is distracting
I cut it
~It looks good really good... but even with that hair cut I can't stay.  The girls kinda have this pool party thing and I should be with them having girly therapy.  Besides I think it would be wrong if I took out my emotional angst on a fierce make out session with you and I doubt that you would let me anyway---
You kiss me until I fall ungracefully into you
Are you okay?you ask as you push my back into a proper standing position
~You actually made my knees weak.
That's why we normally do this sitting down.... but I mean about your Daddy Dom?
~Remains to be seen.  I am going to be processing alot more
Do you think you will get a new Dom?
~God no!!! Well maybe...not for a while.  I need down time you know...
I understand and when you do know that I am okay with that.
And you kiss me again.
~My fuckin knees don't work and I can't stay
We should sit
~Are you gonna kiss me some more? Because if you are I totally need to spit out this gum.
Good thinking... you should spit.

And I stay for 15 wonderful minutes.  There is kissing and laughter,  your warm hands on the exposed skin of my shoulders, your lips against my forehead, the sound of you breathing me in falls deep under the high squeal of my delight that you are actually doing such a thing, your soft moans are less controlled and I think I hump your leg a alot.  

"Time!" you announce as you brush your nose against mine. And suddenly your standing helping me up and ushering me towards that door as you inform me of tomorrow's dinner menu.  I offer to bring dessert and then I leave with the promise of seeing you tomorrow. And then I fly into the waiting arms of my wild sisters.  I bitch and curse, recount, laugh, eat omgeeeeeeeee did I eat.  Commiserated with one who had just gone through the same.  I  left a huge bit of my sorrow in the icy cold waters... I feel clean.

I feel loved 



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