Apr. 27th, 2010

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I'm writing this because I don't want to forget this feeling
this sensation of frustrated satisfaction.
the way my toes curled when you pressed your lips on mine and mumbled that you wanted me to have something to look forward to.

I could have strangled you

Then that smile that is so new to me  that it makes me wonder if it is new to you 
full of controlled cocky confidence and knowing that I want you
to say you want me 
but you like keeping me

off balance

I like the way you grab me wrists to keep me from wandering freely over all this  new terrain
I like the way you make me come to you even though you are holding me so close to youthat I can't get away 
I like the way you teach me Zen Buddhism concepts  like  Mindfulness
with  lips
with mouth
with white teeth and wet tongue

aware, deliberate, intuitive, preceptive,  education through compassionate  passionate touch, taste, sound, smell.
and I think its hot as hell
that you're in my head
since i'm all over  your skin

Touching the better and higher parts of eachother 
slipping, sliding, shimming in
gently, tenderly waking them up and telling them that its safe
its safe to come out and play
and stay

stay with me?

and tease me, test me, tempt me, 
make me still
to feel you

to feel you
to wait for you
to want you
to come to you
to come for you
to comfort you as God since you make me feel Goddess

and as much as I protest
I like this
over the clothes and moving slow
because it lets me know
that while you are in the moment
you are not looking for just  a moment
but the moments that come after


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