Feb. 25th, 2010

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Thursday I auditioned for America's Got Talent

Friday I danced burlesque in San Francisco

Saturday I was invited to be a guest speaker on a panel regarding sexuality and healthcare

Sunday I slept 14 hours straight

Monday I can hardly remember

Tuesday I saw my tits broadcasted on SFweekly.com

and today I slowed down.

I slowed  ... and for a moment all those other voices in my head all that need for speed all that desire to do do do went away and there was silence and you.  Both allowing me to be just me.  I struggled for the spoken words because they seem too intense. But now that I am hiding behind keyboard and computer screens it's easier to get out.

I have a problem with rushing into things way too fast.  I dive instead of allowing myself to slip in.  See I figure that if I dive in I will take the shock all at once and just get it over with.  But you are letting me slip into this.  What ever this is... what ever this will be.  And it's mighty fine of you and it feels simply divine. Inch by blessed inch.

Thank you
It's nice to have no expectations
It's nice to not be pressured

Thank you
It's a relief to be candid
It's a relief to be real

Thank you
It's a pleasure to be organic
It's a pleasure just to feel

Thank you
It's amazing to just be
It's amazing to just be present

I sincerely hope you are getting something from this
because I sure am
I like you
and I like who I am around you
I hope you like me too.


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